Fields in Trust

Get involved with a local park volunteer group

If you would like to be more involved in taking care of your local park or green space, you could join the local park friends group.

There are lots of them all over the UK and there may be one for your local park. Check notice boards in the park itself for information, or search on the internet or Facebook to see if your park has a friends group.

You could help out by getting your hands dirty with some planting, organising events, crowdfunding for the park or even campaigning to protect it. If your local park doesn’t have a friends group yet, but you think it needs one, you could be the one to start a new group.

Volunteering will do amazing things for the park and the community that uses it – but will bring all kinds of benefits to you too. So, go on, give it a go!

Whether you want to start small by just joining in from time to time, or you want to jump in with both feet and start your own friends group, you can access information and get lots of helpful advice and resources from the Parks Community website.

Being part of a Friends group can have a hugely positive impact on the park and the surrounding community. Hear how the Friends of Parc Llewelyn made a difference in their areas.

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