Fields in Trust

What we do

We protect parks and green spaces for good.

We protect parks forever

We are the only UK charity working to secure legal protection for all parks and green spaces. In practice, this means they can never be sold off for development and will be retained as a public park, playing field or recreation ground forever.

We start by looking at the data to identify where protecting parks and green spaces will make the biggest difference to the health and wellbeing of communities. We then engage the landowners in these areas to show them just how valuable their green space is.

Working closely together, we sign a unique and binding legal commitment (called a Deed of Dedication or Minute of Agreement in Scotland) that means their green spaces will be protected for the benefit of local communities and nature forever.

We steward their future

A protected park or green space will need to evolve over time and that’s why we have a dedicated team who work in partnership with landowners to help manage their protected status and make changes that will benefit the local community and the natural environment.

We champion and influence

 As champions of green spaces, we also undertake research and geospatial data analysis work. Armed with this insight, we advocate for parks and green spaces by lobbying government and other decision-makers to recognise how much these places matter and the need for their continued funding and protection.

We’re the experts advising policy makers on how green spaces add value and support important issues like Levelling Up and local climate action.

We empower communities to seek the protection of parks through local campaigning and we provide expert advice and support to them and to landowners.

There are almost 3,000 parks and green spaces under our stewardship and protection.

84 elected representatives have committed to our pledge to protect, support, and champion green spaces for good.

We advise on 6 UK Government Roundtables.

We're working on 3 city-wide protection programmes in Liverpool, Edinburgh, and Wrexham, working towards a further 129 protected spaces.

Tens of thousands have benefitted from having a permanently protected park or green space within an easy ten-minute walk from home, as a result of our protection.

It was important to us to protect Sandy Bay [Playing Fields] for generations to come, just like it's been there for my generation, and the ones before me. It's considered a flagship facility in the area - there's not a lot of green spaces like it - so it's vital to protect it.

Niall Curneen, Mid and East Antrim Borough Council

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