Fields in Trust

Please ensure you read all guidance before submitting a field change request application. Field change request fees cover our administration and legal costs. Fees associated with field change request matters are listed in the tables below.

Please note: 

  • VAT will be added to the costs below.
  • All applications (not including fast-track) will be subject to a minimum fee of £150 to be paid before an application is assessed and taken to the decision committee. An invoice for £150 will be issued upon receipt of a new application.
  • Each individual matter submitted in an application will be costed individually and a final fee will be charged once approval is given. In complex cases and cases requiring execution of a deed, an interim invoice will be issued when Fields in Trust’s in-principle approval is given and a final invoice when the matter is completed or a signed deed received.
  • If you decide to withdraw your field change request or it does not reach completion or it is declined, you will still be charged for the service you have received. This will be calculated according to the matters applied for and the work undertaken to date.
  • A 'consent fee' is payable in certain cases for consent to a proposal involving a commercial activity or other activity incompatible with the Fields in Trust protection. Costs below are minimum amounts and final amounts are decided on a case by case basis. A consent fee will not be charged if the proposal is declined.
  • Fields in Trust may apply discretionary fee alterations on a case-by-case basis. Any alterations will be communicated to the landowner as early as possible in the case management process.
  • Easements/wayleaves: As a Charity, Fields in Trust does not charge for the service of protecting any green space. A donation from a third party for easement or wayleave cases would contribute to the sustainability of the Charity and its ability to protect more spaces and continue to support those already protected.
  • Fields in Trust reserves the right to review fees from time to time. Any updates will be published on the website and applicants should be advised to consult the website for the current fee scale before submitting an application.
  • For green spaces owned by Fields in Trust but managed by a local management organisation, please email before submitting an application. A member of the team will advise you on further steps.

Fast-track service

We are able to accept fast-track applications for any Field Change Request apart from Release of Land or Exchange of Land matters.

The fee for fast-track applications is £2000 plus the main Field Change Request fee. You will not be charged the £150 minimum fee for a fast-track application.

An application form can be submitted as normal, but please ensure you tick the fast-track option when completing.

We will be able to turn your fast-track application around in five working days, but you must be able to:

  • Supply all necessary and correct supporting documents with your application.
  • Respond to any queries about your application on the same day.
  • Complete all application questions as fully and as clearly as possible.

Any delays caused by not complying with the above requirements will still be chargeable at the fast-track rate.

Please email us in advance if you have any fast-track pre-application questions: 

Field change request fees

Billable itemsDetailDetail Fee (excl VAT)Minimum consent fee (excl VAT)
Application processingTo be paid before the application is taken to the decision committee - invoice to be sent directly after application receipt£150 
Transfer of a dedicated site and entering into a Deed of Dedication/Minute of Agreement with the new landownerWhere the transfer is required to effect changing a governing structure of a charity, ex. unincorporated charity to CIO£500  
Transfer from Council to council; Club to club; Council to a charity£800 
Transfer from a council to a single sport club or a business£1,000  
Change of holding Trustees of protected spaces£250  
Releasing dedicated land without replacement land (entering into a Deed of Release)£4,000£4,000 (for the release)
Release of encroached land£2,000  
Releasing dedicated land and dedicating replacement land (entering into Deed of Release and Deed of Dedication/Minute of Agreement)£4,000 
Releasing a building from the dedication to allow a sale to a third party for commercial, educational, general community purposesMixed use building£2,000£800 (for the release)
Non-ancillary building or unused building£1,000  
Ancillary building£4,000 £4,000 (for the release) or replacement land
Lease on part of the dedicated green space (may or may not include a building) (with Fields in Trust Clause)Lease for 7 years or less (no Fields in Trust clause) on green space & sports pavilion to an existing user club or council or charity£300
Lease over 7 years to a club who has not been using the site before, a council or charity£800  
Lease over 7 years on green space & sports pavilion to an existing user club or council or charity£400  
Lease for 7 years or less to a club who has not been using the site before, a council or charity£400 
Lease on an existing building within a dedicated green space (no Fields in Trust clause or Deed of Dedication/Minute of Agreement) Café, pavilion, community centre, etc.£400 
On substation£600  
Lease on the whole or majority of the Fields in Trust dedicated space (entering into a Deed of Dedication/Minute of Agreement with the tenant)Lease to a council, club or charity who already uses the field£800
Lease to a council, club or charity who has not been using the site before£1,200
Lease renewal on the same terms as the existing leaseThe tenant is a party to the Deed of Dedication/Minute of Agreement£250  
The tenant is not a party to the Deed of Dedication/Minute of Agreement but had a lease at the time of the dedication£350  
Easement/Wayleave on dedicated space.If rights granted within a lease or transfer of building where the building was not included the dedication and no works are to be carried out£300  
The easement/wayleave benefits a single neighbouring property£500  
The easement / wayleave benefits a large number of properties£900
Legal charge on dedicated space£250
New buildings/building extensions/structures (in accordance with the Fields in Trust Building Use Policy)£500 
New buildings/building extensions/structures (not compliant with the Fields in Trust Building Use Policy therefore considered in accordance with Disposal Policy)Dedicating replacement land. The land on which the building is erected remains dedicated£2,000  
No replacement land is available. The land on which the building is erected remains dedicated£2,000£800 (for not providing replacement land)
Telecommunication structures, substations and other utility structures (e.g. gas governors), which may include a lease of part of the dedicated site£2,000 £4,000
Ancillary car parks£300
Car parks for use by the general public (considered in accordance with Disposal Policy which requires replacement land/ payment)Dedicating replacement land; The car park remains dedicated£2,000  
No replacement land is available. The car park remains dedicated£2,000£800 (for not providing replacement land)
Temporary change of use such as compounds and non-ancillary car parks on dedicated sitesUtility companies, schools, businesses£900  

Additional billable items Fee (excl VAT)

Fees for fast-track applications (not permitted for release or exchange of land)£2,000 (in addition to main fee)
Changes to original application proposal requiring second meeting of the decision committee£200
The decision committee requires information not provided and defers the case£200
In-person site visit or meeting£500
Multiple proposals within a single application requiring consent10% discount from the total fees
From initial assessment of the application form unacceptable elements are noted in the proposal which require further discussions with the applicant and/or a secondary application£100 added to the main fee