Fields in Trust

Take Action

Get involved and make your voice heard.

Influencing national policy on parks and green spaces is a big part of what we do. But it’s just as important for everyone to get involved in decisions that are being made closer to home. We can all play a part in shaping and supporting the green spaces around us but knowing where to start when it comes to policies, planning and politicians can be overwhelming. Here are some simple ways you can look out for your parks.

How to help your local parks

Confused by planning processes? Unsure what a "Local Plan” is? Learn more about how green space decisions are made in your area and how you can get involved.

Contact your MP

Urge your local MP to add their name to our Park Protector Pledge. Every new MP who signs-up takes us a step closer to protecting parks and green spaces in your area forever.

Changes to protected spaces

Find out what landowners can and can’t do with their protected parks and green spaces, and how you can get your voice heard.

More ways we can work together to protect parks and green spaces for good

Why we protect parks and green spaces

Learn more about why our work is crucial for people, places and nature.

Challenge events

Get fit, challenge yourself, and feel pride in the knowledge you’ve helped protect parks and green spaces with every step.


 Help us solve the challenges facing our parks and green spaces, so we all have a greener future.