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Our Cause

Parks and green spaces are facing an emergency: they are underfunded, undervalued and under threat.

Why we protect parks and green spaces

Over the last 100 years we’ve seen a phenomenal pace of change in our towns and cities. A growing population, increasing housing pressures and years of local authority budget cuts have led to significant risks to these precious places.

There is no statutory protection for our parks and green spaces and currently just 6% are legally protected.

Fields in Trust protected space in Cambridge



More than 6 million people across the UK do not live within a ten-minute walk of a local park.

This number is growing every year, with the most deprived areas of the country the most badly affected.

What we are working on

Find out how our work has benefited communities just like yours.

As part of our work to protect parks and green spaces all across the UK, we have joined forces with several City Councils who have committed to protect their city's green spaces for generations to come.

Dive into the detail of these extraordinary protection programmes. 

Parks and green spaces near me

How green is your neighbourhood? Having a park within a ten-minute walk of home means we’re more likely to access the brilliant health and wellbeing benefits these spaces provide.

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Please help us to protect parks forever. 94% of British parks could be at risk. With your help, we can ensure they will always be there for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Please consider making a donation towards our important work.