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Ask your local council to protect your park

In many cases, parks and green spaces are owned by local authorities or town, parish, or community councils, so you should speak to your local Councillor to begin the process of protecting one or more local parks or green spaces with us.

Contacting your local Councillor or MP is the first step to protecting your park of green space. Our protection (a Deed of Dedication, or Minute of Agreement, if you're in Scotland) is a legal agreement between Fields in Trust and the landowner, so any application for protection needs to come from the landowner.

Our protection is forever, but it is also flexible and will allow parks and green spaces to adapt to the needs of the communities that use them and to maximize nature and environmental benefits.

People are joining forces and standing up for their parks all across the country You can do it too! Read the Liverpool story by clicking the button below.

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