Fields in Trust

Revaluing Parks and Green Spaces

Despite how important parks and green spaces are to our to health, wellbeing and the environment, they are often viewed as a financial burden rather than a valuable asset.

Here’s what we found

Our Wellbeing Valuation research set out to challenge this view by showing exactly why we need to see these spaces as far more than just a cost.

Using parks and green spaces regularly provides us with over £34 billion in health and wellbeing benefits every year.

This saves the NHS at least £111 million each year by reducing GP visits – that's enough to pay for more than 3,500 nurses.

Parks and green spaces are even more valuable to people in low-income brackets and those from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Any loss of parks and green spaces hits disadvantaged and underrepresented communities hardest - precisely those who value them the most. That’s why we’re giving policymakers this evidence. We want them to make informed decisions about the places we live in.

Check out a summary of our findings or dive into the full research report.

Effective public policy requires a strong evidence base to support it. Fields in Trust’s report places a financial value on the wellbeing generated by parks and green spaces to enable informed choices to be made about the importance of the continued provision of these non-statutory services.

Lord Gus O'Donnell, Chair of Trustees at Pro Bono Economics

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