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Why we protect parks and green spaces

Parks and green spaces and not just ‘nice-to-haves'. Here’s why we cannot afford to lose them.

Parks and green spaces give us the chance to stay active, meet friends, and take a moment for quiet reflection. It’s no wonder that the availability of a local park is directly linked to our sense of wellbeing and that they are estimated to save the NHS £111 million every year by reducing the number of GP visits we need.

They are the lungs of our towns and cities, absorbing pollutants and improving air quality. Providing habitats for a diverse range of wildlife and helping capture and store carbon dioxide, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and urban heat effects.

Parks and green spaces encourage social interaction and a sense of belonging. They provide free, accessible places where all of us - no matter our background or circumstances - can enjoy the benefits of nature, recreation, and community activities that combat loneliness and promote social inclusion.

Simply put, parks help protect our planet and create a happier, healthier society.

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Our groundbreaking study 'Revaluing Parks and Green Spaces' reveals how frequent use of parks and green spaces contributes over £34 billion to our collective health and wellbeing every year.

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