Fields in Trust


Cookie NameDescriptionExpires
CraftSessionIdOur CMS relies on PHP sessions to maintain sessions across web requests. That is done via the PHP session cookie. This cookie will expire as soon as the session expires.As soon as the session expires

A cookie named Craft_CSRF_Token will be created to facilitate CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) Protection.

For GDPR purposes, please note that Craft’s default cookies do not collect any personal or sensitive information. Craft’s default cookies do not collect IP addresses. The information they store is not sent to Pixel & Tonic or any third parties.

Craft’s default cookies are only used to communicate with your Craft installation for the purposes of user authentication, form validation/security, and basic web application operations.

As soon as the session expires
_gaThis cookie is used to help us understand how users interact and use our website. These insights allow us to both improve content and build better features that enhance users experiences. These cookies contain no personal identifying information.1 Year
tsrcePayPal cookie: when making a payment via PayPal these cookies are issued – PayPal session/security3 days
l7_azThis cookie is necessary for the PayPal login-function on the website.30 minutes
tsThis cookie is generally provided by PayPal and supports payment services in the website.1 year 1 month
ts_cPaypal: To provide fraud prevention.1 year 1 month
__stripe_midStripe: To provide fraud prevention.1 year
__stripe_sidStripe: To provide fraud prevention.30 minutes
mProvides general support for Stripe payment services.1 year 1 month
__cflbCloudflare: to read and filter requests from bots.30minutes
hmt_idUsed for strictly necessary anonymous service-related statistics, and for other technical purposes like assisting in accessibility support.1 Month