Fields in Trust

Our work in Liverpool

Every Liverpudlian to have access to a park close to home forever.

We are working with Liverpool City Council to protect over 100 parks and green spaces across the city. The Council are the first in the UK to commit to protecting their entire green space portfolio, and we are proud to be on this journey with them.

Once the Deed for each green space is signed and sealed, that space will be protected forever, and will be an incredible legacy for the people of Liverpool.

Read on to join us on this journey to protection...

The power of Friends

Protecting Liverpool’s parks started with the Liverpool Parks Friends Forum, made up of several volunteer groups across Liverpool, all driven by their passion for local parks.

After several parks across Liverpool came under threat, the Friends Forum took a stance to halt the development plans and pushed the council to protect the parks instead.

Led by the legendary Liverpudlian, Chrisie Byrne, the Friends challenged the Council through the planning consultation process by gathering and presenting evidence of community use and the parks’ incredible value. They galvanized both MPs and local communities to take action by campaigning to spread the message.

Through this huge community effort and by being relentless in their endeavors, the council’s plans were overturned, and even more amazingly, they started discussions with the Mayor and Leader of the City Council about protecting the city’s parks.

Their tenacity led to a partnership between Fields in Trust and Liverpool City Council that will impact every single person living in Liverpool.

The voices among the Liverpool Parks Friends Forum continue to have a central role in the ongoing discussions.

Without the Liverpool Parks Friends Forum, some parks could have been lost forever and this protection programme may not have happened. Never underestimate the power of Friends to make a difference for everyone’s futures.

Liverpool City Council’s commitment

There is ever-increasing pressure on local authorities to meet the needs of their constituents but also national and local policy responsibilities.

The Council has declared a climate emergency. Its Strategic Plan sets out to protect green spaces and find ways to mitigate the threat of climate change through its Urban Green Up programme.

Our Green Space Index®, ten-minute walk, and bespoke spatial analysis into the need and value of green space, have shaped the commitments from Liverpool City Council.

100 parks and green spaces protected across Liverpool

100% of residents will have a protected space close to home.

Did you know?

15% less

Liverpudlians have 15% less green space per person than the national average

1 in 6

One in six people in Liverpool have no access to a private or shared garden


The city's population is set to grow by 10% over the next two decades

For every Liverpudlian - forever

Once the Council's vision has been achieved, over 1,000 hectares of green space will be protected for good – that means every resident will live within a ten-minute walk of a protected park.

Only looking back at it now have I realised quite how much it's underpinned a lot of the things that we've done and a lot of my memories. Sefton Park has been a huge part of my life and our life as a family.

Nicola, Liverpool

How you can help us

We are thrilled that this programme of protection has already inspired support from people and organisations across Liverpool – but there is still so much to do.  There are lots of ways you can help secure this green legacy for the city – from making a regular donation to leaving a gift in your will.

Over the next few years, the charity will be working closely with both the Council and local communities, particularly the Liverpool Friends Forum, to deliver on the City’s promise of protecting all 100 parks and green spaces across the city.

Future generations will reap the benefits of the actions we take today to protect green spaces

Chris Lomas, Director of Environmental Services, Liverpool City Council

What can I do to help bring this vision to life?

You can help us bring this life-changing commitment into reality. From local residents to schools, community groups to companies both small and large: we now need your help to create a green legacy that will last forever.

On average, we estimate that our time and resources required to put in place the legal protection for all 100 parks is equivalent to around £5,000 per green space. We believe that’s a small amount when you consider the huge benefits to local people and the fact that our protection is forever.  We also believe it’s also an achievable target for many fundraising ideas!

Donate today

Please consider making a donation today – every pound will make a difference – or why not take on a challenge this year – and using it to inspire your fundraising to support your city.

Professional Liverpool (PL) was delighted to work with Helen and Sally at Fields in Trust as charity partners for the prestigious “Cannes Do” event in 2023.

Andrew Ruffler, Professional Liverpool