Fields in Trust

Activities for kids

Engage the kids with nature and spark their imagination with our fun park-themed activities and challenges!

Nature spotting

Search for wildlife at your local park with a little help from our fun and educational nature spotting cards.

Bug hunt card

Tree spotting guide

Bird watch card

Let's get creative

Get inspired with these three creative activities... and a little help from nature.

Design your dream park

Making faces

Painting stone animals

We’d love to see your kid’s creations. Share their dream park designs by tagging us at @FieldsInTrust on social media.

Brain power time

 Get the kids learning while having fun with these park-themed challenges.

Parks quiz

Colouring sheet


It's time to take play seriously

Sadly, children have less recognition when it comes to the planning process than bats and newts. 

The failure of the built environment to meet children’s needs is integral to the Fields in Trust story. We were founded because there was a recognition that there weren’t enough places for children to play.

That's why we've been working to raise the profile of how better planning, building, and urban design can enhance the health and wellbeing of children and young people.

Whilst you're here…

Please help us to protect parks forever. 94% of British parks could be at risk. With your help we can ensure they will always be there for you and your family to enjoy. If your kids have enjoyed the activities on this page, please consider making a donation towards our important work.