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Let's come together to protect Liverpool's fields forever

Posted on 24th March 2022
We were delighted to discuss with Liverpool City Council and Liverpool Park Friends Forum the latest progress in delivering their bold green space vision, along with ways everyone in the community can get involved.

On a sunny spring afternoon in Liverpool's Walton Hall Park yesterday, we were delighted to meet with representatives of Liverpool City Council and the city's Friends of groups to discuss the latest progress in delivering their bold green space vision, along with ways everyone in the community can get involved.

The Council has made a commitment to become the first city in the UK to legally protect all their parks and green spaces for good. It's a vision that has always been by the city's residents and for the city's residents, with more than a little help from the Friends.

The Liverpool Park Friends Forum were instrumental in bringing about the pledge, and once it is realised everyone in the city will have a green space close to where they live which is secured forever. Green spaces which are good, doing good, for good.

We've been working closely with Liverpool City Council's team on the robust legal process which will see all 100 parks in the city protected forever, starting with an initial phase of 20 city and neighbourhood parks. Now is the time where you can get involved and play your part in helping to deliver this historic vision, leaving a green space legacy for current and future generations.

Over the last two years we have all relied on our local green spaces more than ever; parks are a vital part of our neighbourhoods helping us rebalance and recover. Alongside their value to our health, wellbeing and community connections, local parks have a vital role to play in supporting our environment. These spaces improve air quality, capture harmful carbon and boost biodiversity. Green spaces doing good for people, places and the planet.

Liverpool City Council will become the first local authority in the UK to protect all of their parks and green spaces forever. This commitment will see 100 green spaces, covering over 1,000 hectares, secured in perpetuity.

Sefton Park

Whether you are a born-and-bred Liverpudlian, a member of one of city's amazing community groups or perhaps a day tripper who loves Liverpool's parks - don't just let it be! We need your help: get involved by making a donation or fundraising and play your part in creating this green legacy for Liverpool.

Get involved

If you are part of one of the many vibrant local businesses, we'd love you to get involved too. Don't hide your love for Liverpool's parks away: get in touch to discuss partnership opportunities and be a part of Liverpool's proud heritage.

Partner with us

This week members of the Fields in Trust team have been in Liverpool attending the Good Business Festival and meeting members of the business and park communities. In Walton Hall Park we were joined by Cllr Dan Barrington and members of the Liverpool Park Friends Forum to launch a series of posters which will be appearing in parks around the city over the coming weeks - if you spot one then snap a picture and let us know on social media by tagging @FieldsInTrust!

Whilst in Liverpool our Chief Executive, Helen Griffiths, also met up with BBC Radio Merseyside to discuss what is happening and how businesses and the community can get involved.

Fields In Trust · BBC Radio Merseyside Interview Fields in Trust

Discussing the impact of green spaces during the pandemic, Helen Griffiths, also said "We have seen a major shift in the way people talk about, visit and value their local parks. Our parks have provided a lifeline throughout lockdown and now, coming out of the pandemic, we can all play our part to make sure local green spaces will remain a healthy part of the local environment contributing to our wellbeing, our community connections and mitigating the impact of climate change. We are working with the Council to ensure all Liverpool parks will be protected and available for the whole community, for future generations. As a charity we need support from the communities and businesses in Liverpool to help turn this vision into a reality."

Liverpool City Council Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment, Cllr Dan Barrington, said: "We are delighted to work with Fields in Trust to protect the city's parks and green spaces. This is a practical example of Liverpool City Council's strategic Triple Lock: People, Planet, Equality. I encourage local community organisations and businesses to step-up and get involved with Fields in Trust, supporting them to protect more green spaces for good."

Find out more about Liverpool City Council's vision and the work we are doing to help deliver it for current and future generations on our dedicated web page. To be kept up to date as our work in the city progresses, sign-up to receive our monthly e-bulletin.


Pictured top left to right are: Chrisie Byrne, Chair of Liverpool Park Friends Forum; Helen Ball, Friends of Norris Green Park; Helen Griffiths, Chief Executive of Fields in Trust; Cllr Dan Barrington, Liverpool City Council Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment; Caroline Williams, Friends of Hartshill and Calderstones Park; Kenneth Aspinall, Friends of Sefton Meadows.