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INFORMAL COMMUNITIES: Eight ideas for your Have a Field Day

Posted on 8th June 2019
Have a Field Day is about getting out and enjoying our local parks and green spaces. Here's eight ideas for your Have a Field Day that you can also get others involved with!

Have a Field Day is about getting out and enjoying our local parks and green spaces. It's also a great opportunity to meet new people and celebrate the informal community that exists at your local park.

Whether it's saying hello to a fellow dog walker, seeing your child playing with others or having a chat on a park bench, our local green spaces bring us together and help foster stronger, more cohesive communities.

Here's eight ideas for your Have a Field Day that you can also get others involved with!

(1) Plan a picnic!

Summer afternoons at the local park are made for picnics, right? Planning a picnic is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your local park and Have a Field Day. Take some sandwiches, snacks as well as something to drink and don't forget a blanket to sit on. A picnic is also a great way to meet fellow park users - why not invite someone to join you!

(2) Plan a plastic-free picnic

Like the above, but why not try to have your picnic without creating any plastic waste? Take your food and drink in reusable containers and use paper plates and cups to ensure you’re having an eco-friendly picnic. Discuss ways you can go plastic-free with others and encourage them to do the same. If you're planning a plastic-free picnic then please do let us know!

(3) Explore the nature nearby

Your local park is teeming with nature from the trees and birds to the little bugs and insects which call the space home. Discovering nature at your park is a great way to introduce the kids to the world around them in a safe environment, as well as exploring with friends. Your Have a Field Day support pack includes bug hunt and tree spotting cards!

(4) Have a kick about

England and Scotland are both over at the World Cup in France inspiring a generation to get into the game. Will either be playing in the showpiece the day after Have a Field Day? Time will tell, but make sure you take a ball along to your Have a Field Day, invite others to join in and see if you can replicate some of the goal celebrations!

(5) Find a place to play

Your local park is a great place for the kids to play whether it has a formal play area or not. Look at what's around you and see if you can invent a new game whilst you're at your Have a Field Day, or maybe you can teach the kids something you used to play when you were younger!

(6) Make time to talk

A park bench is a place to start a conversation. Make a point of having a chat with someone you don't know whilst you're at the park!

(7) See what else is happening

Does your local park have a Friends of group? They may be planning something on Have a Field Day you can join in with! Alternatively, take a look at the park noticeboard whilst you're there on Saturday 6th July, see what activities or events are coming up and make a point of going along to one of them.

(8) Do it your way

We all use our local park or green space in different ways and we all love them for different reasons. And do you know what, that's just fabulous! Whether you're planning a picnic, a party or anything in between that's fine with us - just don't forget to register online so we can post you your free support pack!

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