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UK'S BEST PARK: Celebrating Wales' Best Parks

Posted on 29th August 2019
Find out which space joins the shortlist for UK's Best Park 2019 as the national winner in Wales.

This summer's UK's Best Park award has seen all-time high numbers of nominations and a record votes tally, with 36,832 park users casting votes to help decide the winner of the UK's Best Park 2019.

In Wales, you nominated 24 local parks and green spaces which are special to you. These nominations were then championed by park users, communities, Friends of groups, landowners and elected representatives as part of the public vote.

Following close of voting, we are delighted to be able to reveal the overall winner for Wales, as well as the parks which your votes mean have received "Much Loved" status. Each will receive a certificate recognising your support, whilst the national winner now joins Stanley Park on the shortlist for the overall title of UK's Best Park 2019, the winner of which will be revealed on Thursday 12th September. Make sure you're following @FieldsInTrust on social media to keep right up to date with the winners!

Wales winner

Cyfarthfa Park

Cyfarthfa Park

Brecon Road, Merthyr Tydfil

Described by its nominator as: "Cyfarthfa is a park for people of all ages and interests. The sensory garden and meadowlands provide a haven of tranquility. The woodland walks are a delight for dog walkers and nature-lovers. Home to a 'castle', a museum, ball courts and play areas it is a park for all."

"Much Loved" spaces

Cyfarthfa Park was one of four spaces in Wales which placed within the top 20% of all nominations nationally in voting for UK's Best Park 2019. Each of these spaces receives "Much Loved" status, recognising the support they have received this summer from those who use and love them. The other three "Much Loved" spaces in Wales are:

Bute Park

Parc Cae Ddol
Ruthin, Denbighshire

Roath Park

Celebrating one long Summer of Parks

This Summer of Parks you've been showing love for your local parks in unprecedented numbers. From a record-breaking Have a Field Day to the biggest UK's Best Park award yet, it is clear how much we all love our local parks. Each "Much Loved" park will receive a certificate denoting its status - we will be in touch with the landowner to arrange delivery of this certificate and discuss celebrations for the newly conferred status. The park's nominator for UK's Best Park 2019 will also receive acknowledgement that their favourite local green space is amongst the nation's favourites.

Our Summer of Parks will conclude on Thursday 12th September with the announcement of the UK's Best Park 2019. This day is also an opportunity to champion those parks to receive "Much Loved" status with their new certificates, as well as celebrate all parks and green spaces across the country which are special in their own ways to those who use and love them.

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In Wales, the Green Space Index finds:

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