The Green Space Index is Fields in Trust's barometer of publicly accessible park and green space provision. Our Revaluing Parks and Green Spaces research demonstrates that these spaces across the UK provide people with over £34 billion of health and wellbeing benefits. We believe that green spaces are good, do good and need to be protected for good. Through the Green Space Index we are taking stock of the nation's quantity of local parks and green spaces and providing analysis on its impact.


The Green Space Index

of total green space provision in Great Britain

of green space provision per person in Great Britain

not living within a ten-minute walk of a green space

of legally protected green space provision in Great Britain

Nation/region GSI Score (where 1 is minimum standard of provision) Provision of green space (ha.) Provision of green space per person (sqm) Population not within a ten-minute walk of a green space Green space legally protected with Fields in Trust (ha.)
East of England 1.24 24,998.26 42.75 314,562 1,639.21
East Midlands 1.00 15,912.57 35.10 228,518 727.59
London 0.61 17,150.11 20.98 10,579 907.90
North East 0.91 8,191.79 31.54 88,596 241.16
North West 0.88 21,561.04 30.57 194,016 1,153.40
Scotland 1.33 24,285.04 45.86 303,965 2,143.41
South East 1.25 37,241.29 43.13 378,560 1,315.33
South West 1.08 19,943.31 37.71 403,711 1,620.96
Wales 1.09 11,573.43 37.78 236,929 1,129.54
West Midlands 1.05 20,441.13 36.49 255,128 1,010.37
Yorkshire & Humber 0.80 14,862.94 28.13 180,652 459.44


For more information on the Green Space Index, what the individual indices mean and how to find your way around the WebApp for each area we have produce a series of frequently asked questions. Accompanying the FAQs and containing more detail on how the Green Space Index has been calculated and compiled are a set of technical notes.



Our Green Space Analyses

To complement the Green Space Index we will be producing detailed analyses of park and green space provision in a number of counties across Great Britain. These will be highly detailed, local studies of provision and its impact across a range of policy areas. The first four analyses will be published over the coming summer months.

Coming Soon!

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Further Insights

As well as producing the Green Space Index and county-level analyses, we use mapping as part of our commitment to applying a robust, data-driven and strategic approach to protecting parks and green spaces. To find out more about our insights and to discuss how we can support your development of a green space review please get in touch by emailing


About Fields in Trust

Fields in Trust is an independent charity with over 90 years’ experience protecting parks and green spaces. We work with landowners, community groups and policy makers to champion the value of our parks and green spaces to achieve better protection for their future at both local and national level.

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