Fields in Trust

Policy Hub

Working for a better future for parks and green spaces.

Parks Protector Pledge

If you are an elected Member of Parliament, then join others and commit to championing and protecting parks and green spaces for good.

Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Play

Used by local authorities, developers, planners, urban designers and landscape architects, this is the most trusted and recognised guidance on open space design.

Reports and Resources

Dive into our reports, research, responses to consultations and expert opinions on the value of the UK’s parks and green spaces.

Expert opinion

As a thought-leader in this area, we’re a trusted government advisor and a member of various policy groups and advisory panels. When it comes to parks and green spaces, we’re the go-to team for expert advice, insight and opinion.

To find out more about our policy work or speak with one of the team, please get in touch.

Parks and green spaces deserve a better future

We are calling on all political parties to commit to three policy goals that will protect, expand, and improve the future of parks and green spaces, to benefit both societal and environmental health.

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