Play Facilities

If an organisation provides a playground or play equipment on its land, it has responsibility for the maintenance of that equipment. Failure to provide adequate maintenance could lead to civil and/or criminal proceedings in event of an accident leading to injury.

RoSPA Play Safety provides training on playground management and the safety of indoor and outdoor play areas. They provide playground inspections for public and commercial play areas and a wide range of additional play-related services and their advice and information covers all aspects of playground safety.

There is a professional body for play inspectors; the Register of Playground Inspectors International (RPII). More details including a range of guidance materials can be found at

If you want advice about creating a new playground, upgrading an existing one, or technical advice about playgrounds generally, the Sports and Play Constructors Association (SAPCA) website has a wealth of information. They can also put you in touch with a range of approved suppliers.

One of the benefits of Membership of Fields in Trust is discounts from play equipment suppliers. For more information please see our Membership details.

Fields in Trust has supported practitioners on open space provision and design since the 1930s and our guidance includes recommended minimum sizes for play areas as well as benchmark guidelines for the provision of play space as part of new housing developments.

We do have a sample constitution for a Play Association which you can download.

The Home Nation Play organisations are also a source of information regarding play: