Leases, Licences and Management Agreements

If a sports club, such as a football club, uses a site then the landowner is perfectly within their rights to make a charge for this, especially if they are marking out pitches. Some landowners may want to formalise the use of a facility by a particular club, and this can be done by granting a licence, which gives the club use of a facility at specific times.

Another option is a management agreement, and you can download a template.

Giving a sports club exclusive use of a facility requires a lease between the two parties, and because this is seen as a disposal of the land, it is subject to our Field Change Request procedure if the space is protected with us. If the land is charitable the Trustees must also comply with the Charities Act 2011.

As local authorities are under increasing financial pressure there is likely to be an increase in them granting leases to voluntary organisations to manage spaces in order to save money.