HAB Housing's partnership with Fields in Trust marked an innovative collaboration which secured recreational space in perpetuity as part of a new housing development in Winchester, Hampshire.


Lovedon Fields includes allotments, wildflower meadows, play areas, running circuit and community orchard area

The spaces are protected in perpetuity by a Deed of Dedication and ownership will be transferred to Kings Worthy Parish Council when the development is complete

HAB Housing committed to providing a £100,000 endowment fund to support the low maintenance facility in the long term

Working with Fields in Trust provided excellent local and national PR opportunities evidencing HAB Housing’s corporate commitment to community legacy

Protecting spaces in partnership with Fields in Trust provides developers with a range of strategic benefits including a tangible contribution to improve health, social and cultural wellbeing as required by the National Planning Policy Framework and a positive mechanic to engage with local community groups.

"At HAB we set out to build beautiful homes that are a joy to live in. It's a mission that we approach with real zeal. It's not just the fantastic designs of the homes; we've an equally strong focus on the spaces between the buildings themselves, ensuring that we're creating amazing places to live. These delightful homes are nestled by the local park, which we're doubling in size and packing full of stuff for both our new residents and the existing community."
Kevin McCloud, Founder and Chairman, HAB Housing

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