We're helping to provide some virtual green space whilst you stay home this spring by Bringing Parks to You! Our third stop brings us to Wales and Merthyr Tydfil - immerse yourself in a trip to some of their local parks and green spaces.


Park gates

The Park Gates

As we enter the park gates on the fourth stop on our tour it's welcome to Wales and to their Best Park 2019 winner - Cyfarthfa Park in Merthyr Tydfil!


Park map

The Park Map

Once through the park gates we come to the park map and can explore the green spaces across Merthyr Tydfil. Can you find Cyfarthfa Park?


Park bench

The Park Bench

On the park bench this week we hear a little of the history of Cyfarthfa Park. Located at the centre of the space is Cyfarthfa Castle, which was designed and built in 1824 for the Crawshay family of ironmasters. William Crawshay II was one of the most influential men in Wales at the time and the building was in fact a castellated mansion which overlooked his ironworks. It was sold to the local council in 1908 and turned into a museum and art gallery, which remains open for the public to explore to this day.

Pittencrieff Park

The Crawshay family owned the Cyfarthfa ironworks. During time of the works being operation, at night the view from the castle supposedly "offer a truly magnificent scene, resembling the fabled Pandemonium, but on which the eye may gaze with pleasure".


Park bandstand

The Park Bandstand

Our fourth trip to the bandstand brings celebration of Cyfarthfa Park winning the Wales title in UK's Best Park 2019, joining Pittencrieff Park in being recognised for the first time as part of the award last year. The space features an abundance of opportunities for sport, nature and play for all ages who visit and frequent events of all sizes are held from horse shows to concerts to charity events to craft demonstrations.

Read more about the park

"Cyfarthfa is a park for people of all ages and interests. The sensory garden and meadowlands provide a haven of tranquillity. The woodland walks are a delight for dog walkers and nature-lovers. Home to a 'castle', a museum, ball courts and play areas it is a park for all."

Nomination for UK's Best Park 2019

Cyfarthfa Park


A Park a Day

A Park a Day

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We hope the latest stop on our Bringing Parks to You tour here in Merthyr Tydfil brought a little virtual joy in these challenging times as we are all reminded what valuable and precious places our local parks and green spaces are. Next up we travel across the River Severn to Bristol before carrying on around the UK. Discover more of Bringing Parks to You and let us know where you think the tour should travel to!

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