We know that children and young people have been particularly affected by the current situation. Not only is the normal routine of going to school and being with friends on pause at the moment but lots of the fun stuff like playing in the playground is also not possible. So we've put together a selection of park-related activities, to help children think about their favourite park, and to help parents with some home-schooling resources!


Let's get creative

Here's three ways for the kids to get creative, both inside with pen and paper and outside with a little help from nature!

Design your dream park

Making faces

Painting stone animals


Once your kids have designed their dream park we'd love to see what they came up with! Send their designs through to us via email or tweet using #LoveYourLocalPark, including their first name, age and home town. We'll share the best ones on our own social media and every submission will also receive a certificate!

Email dream parks!


Brain power time

Fun can be educational too sometimes! Here's some park-related challenges to get the kids thinking and learning!

Parks quiz

Colouring sheet



Nature spotting

Have some fun and see what the kids can spy from the window or out in the garden with our nature spotting cards!

Bug hunt card

Tree spotting guide

Bird watch card


Support for parents

We know that parks and green spaces help us all stay physically fit and mentally well. We must all change how we enjoy these spaces right now though.

A recent report from the National Trust [opens PDF] found that noticing nature and can have a beneficial effect on a child's sense of wellbeing. Play and creativity can be a way for children to make sense of the changed world around them; The International Play Association has published some helpful advice for parents.

We know it's not as good as playing on the swings in a sunny park, but until we can all get back to enjoying everything there is to love at our local green spaces, we hope these resources have given you and your youngsters the chance to have fun, remember what you all enjoy about your local park and get creative designing the park of their dreams!


Whilst you're here...

At this difficult time your support makes even more difference to our endeavours championing, supporting and protecting the UK's parks and green spaces for good. These are challenging times for us all but, if your kids have enjoyed the activities on this page and if you are able, please do consider making a donation towards our important work.

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